14 ways to transform a fireplace with a simple coat of paint 2

8 Make a modern update

If you live in an old house with a fireplace that doesn’t work, you can still use it in style. Fiona Lynch’s studios painted the interior fireplace a dark black, while covering the mantle adorned with the same crisp white tone used throughout. Real estate property

9 Consider the location

In this child’s room designed by 2LG Studio, the pastel door and shelf soften the black and white graphic features. The perfect way to make a traditional room look young and fun!

10 Wall fitting

Instead of using stone in the fireplace, decorator Cathy Chapman opted for a more modern design, surrounded by custom blue paint, and took the stone material to the walls for that old school romance and charm. “The stones used on the walls came from a quarry a few kilometers away,” he tells us.

11 Honor your style

The brick does not always vibrate with an elegant monochromatic decor, luxurious materials of natural stone and modern art. The solution? Just paint on them with a dark or black color. This will create depth and make the old brick character more discreet.

12 Go to the lacquer

The bright gloss of the lacquered paint can make a room look bigger. It has a mirrored effect, as the high-gloss finish allows for reflections and reflections. On the other hand, a dark color creates instant warmth and intimacy. Studio DB took advantage of both with this deep turquoise tone in a high-gloss finish.

13 Although subtle, the black painted fireplace stands out from the walls in navy blue for a warm and discreet color block effect. Designed by Heidi Caillier, this room is a winter oasis.

14 Wear white

And last, but not least, Leanne Ford painted all these non-working fireplaces, all white, even decorative firewood. Then choose an item to really stand out in a brilliant color. In that case, I had a bright red Pierre Paulin Ribbon chair.