14 ways to transform a fireplace with a simple coat of paint 1

A fireplace corrects any room in which it is located, even if it doesn’t really work. And if you want to mask it and make it less visually evident or improve its architectural charm, paint is the best way to do it. We find 14 elegant painted fireplaces to help you decide how to decorate yours, from pops of color to subtle finishes and more. Read on to choose which interior designer look you want to recreate in your home. Real estate property

1 Combine the mantel and the fireplace molds

In this contemporary dining room designed by Studio DB, the light gray painted shelf matches the painted finishes and moldings for a subtle yet transformative layered appearance. The bright and cheerful works of art create texture and dimensions and, together with the golden lighting, warm the coldest elements of the room.

2 bypass existing elements

Instead of completely renovating an old fireplace, it works with the existing design. For example, “the custom-made hydraulic tiles fit perfectly into the original shiny green glazed tiles in the fireplace,” says the design duo behind 2LG Studio. Embrace the colors with small decorative pieces in a similar tone, and then paint the mantel with a color that helps to change the tiles to the neutral color of the wall.

Stone imitate 3 natural

Although sophisticated, this dining room designed by Arent & Pyke adds a bit of playful personality to the floor with a bird theme. From the old bird statue that looks over the fireplace to the next bird statue in the mantle, these little details add a sense of humor to the formal and elegant space. And although the white fireplace mantel is a simple and painting option, it really marries the swirls of natural stone and yellow and white artwork.

4 Paint everything white

Exposed stone and brick can look very dark and wet, depending on your taste, but it is nothing that cannot be repaired with a little paint. This floor-to-ceiling fireplace in a room designed by Leanne Ford incorporates the best of a classic mountain chalet and the Malibu coast, thanks to the white paint finish.

5 Make Pop

The attractive painting that covers this fireplace mantel really makes the whole fireplace stand out. Interior designer Kristen McCory says she was inspired by her client’s grandmother’s favorite lipstick color.

6 Fill the entire wall

“Customers wanted to maximize their space and I knew that the full-wall fireplace was an opportunity to do so! I came up with the idea of ??doing something on several levels and covered it with my always favorite concrete skimcoat,” says Leanne Ford.

7 Match your walls

If you have a favorite color and are happier to live in a world of it, take a look at this dining room designed by 2LG Studio. Everything is covered by a matte finish of the lush green tone.