How to repair the drywall the right way

Whether you are renting or owning it, we all had a wrong gallery wall or shelf installation. A poorly measured anchor and now there is a hole the size of a golf ball in the drywall. A beam finder may have saved the day, but now we’re here. Fortunately, three steps are sufficient to repair the drywall. It is so easy that you can take a dry day! Here’s how. Real estate property


Patch mesh (fiber or aluminum)
Ink combined with color

Step 1:

Cut the shirt to fit. Place the shirt over the hole to see how much extra to remove. There should be about an inch around the hole. Apply a little spackle to the back of the mesh patch and stick it to the wall by pressing it. Let it dry

TIP: we use the DryDex spackle for the color change marker. Once dry, the spackle changes from purple to white.

Step 2:

Apply a grout generously to the adhesive and a circumference of about two inches around it. Let it dry

Step 3:

Lightly sand the spackle until smooth. Blend the edges of the wall, being careful not to sand to the stain. Repeat step 2, if necessary. Paint in the area with the corresponding paint.

TIP: To make color matching easier, cut a small piece of paint near the hole. You’ll fix it anyway! You can take the chip to the paint shop and pair it directly with samples from the store.

Repeat as many times as necessary to update the space and recover the security deposit. Next time, a staple finder can help you anchor your heaviest pieces without sacrificing precious drywall.