How to hang floating shelves in 6 easy steps

Do you live in a house with a small footprint? Do you like a minimalist look? Well floating shelves are the answer for you. These wall shelves have no supports, giving them the impression of floating on the walls and creating a minimal footprint. And while they may look magical once installed, putting them on isn’t as difficult as it sounds if you do it right. Do you prefer the look of a shelf with supports? See our installation guide here. Real estate property

1 Select the shelves

There are many types of floating shelves, each with slightly different mechanisms for obtaining the distinctive float, but what they all have in common is the use of a kind of invisible wall-mounted bracket that holds the shelves in place and hides one Once installed We opted for these simple targets, which would look good against a false concrete wall.

2 Determine the positioning of the shelf

Do you want your shelves to focus on a piece of furniture? Scattered on the wall? Measure where you would like them to be and then, using a level, hold the shelves in place while drawing a dividing line on the wall (or background).

3 track mounts

Using the marking line as a guide, hold the bracket brackets to the wall and trace the screw holes. If you are installing your shelves on the wallpaper, mark the screw marks with a box cutter to make the screws fit more easily. If drywall anchors are needed, drill at marked points; otherwise, continue with step 3.

4 Attach the brackets

Using the markings as a guide, drill the screws through the brackets and into the walls, starting with the center screws and making sure they are level before attaching the end screws.

5 Hold the shelves

Slide the shelves over the supports and, if included in the shelf parts, connect the set screw.

6 style!

Fill the shelves with anything from books to framed artwork and plants – empty shelves are a blank canvas!