30 homemade mother’s day gifts they really want #2

Citrus lip balm

Who couldn’t use another lip balm? If your mother is a person who always loses it in the bottom of the bag or spends an entire stick in a week, she will surely appreciate a gift made with love that she can really use. Real estate property

Recycled Bottles

Give her flowers in a recycled vase. The pop art atmosphere of these old cans turned into vases is a fun and sustainable decorative object, while flowers fill them with new life.

Mini marble cake stands

Prepare your mom’s favorite cookies, brownies or cupcakes for Mother’s Day. But instead of presenting them to her on a regular plate, dress them up with these adorable mini cake stands. So that he can keep them to himself after all the delicacies have been devoured.

A house in the hills

Do you want to make your mother something special and useful this year? If you’re in the furniture market to embellish an entrance or need additional seating in the living room (and most importantly, you’re up for the challenge and manual work), follow this tutorial to create a sleek, minimalist sofa.

Canned Lemon

Elaborate covers are the perfect gift because they are fantastic when you have them, but they are not necessarily something that will leave you speechless. If your mother appreciates homemade, delicious and mouth-watering delicacies, prepare some lemon jellies and deliver them in a jar with a ribbon tied.

Cushion for carpet hooks

An elegant throw pillow doesn’t have to break the bank. It can have even more meaning if you do it out of love for her. This tutorial makes it easy on your own, even if it looks like it was created by a professional.

Printed frame

Parents always like to receive pictures of you. Do you know what will make you even more proud to show it? Keep it in a frame that you have designed with a stencil for it.

Dry floral wreath

Make a beautiful wreath, but opt ??for dried flowers. It’s like giving her a beautiful bouquet of flowers, but in reality they last beyond the holiday, not only because she can hang them on the door, but also because they don’t do that to them.

Cute Pom Pom Bin

Help the mother to organize in style with this DIY pom pom basket. It is a real panacea for blankets and random trash that wants to stay out of sight.

Marble clay plate

Who doesn’t struggle to keep up with their rings? Help your mother to join them with a cheerful dish made of colored clay and gold paint.