10 fast-growing shade trees for uneven sunlight wherever you want #1

Do you want to add some shade to your garden, patio or terrace? Trees are the answer. Trees provide shelter and food for wildlife, and when you plant yours, you can watch it grow! Be sure to choose a variety that survives the winters in your area (check your USDA hardiness zone here) and read the description of the plant to see its mature height and width. When planting, avoid utility lines, sidewalks, and, of course, your home, to give the tree enough room to stretch its branches and roots. When you are ready to plant, make a hole the same depth as the root; Planting too deep is a common mistake! Remove the container or, if it is coiled and tangled, cut the wire and cable, because part of the wire will not break down. It is good to add fertilizer to improve the texture of the soil, but mix it all over the site, not just in the hole. Research has shown that placing changes only in the hole causes the tree’s roots to remain in the small hole rather than spread to the native soil. Fill the hole with the dirt you removed, gently press down on the soil, and water well. Keep it watered for the first year or two, as established. Real estate property

Done Here are some fast growing shade trees for your garden:

Blossoming cherry

This beautiful tree has clusters of fragrant white or pink roses in spring. The variety of crying is even more impressive!

2 river birch

The attractive bark and yellow color of fall make this a good choice for large patios. It is most beautiful when grown as a cluster with multiple stems. But be aware that it can be confusing, regularly shedding small branches.

3 red maple

This favorite tree offers some of the best fall color and is super cold hardy. Look for varieties like October Glory, which has a reliable fall show from bright orange to reddish.

4 European hornbeam

This lesser-known tree is densely branched and begins in a more vertical shape when young, maturing to a broader shape over time. It has a nice orange-yellow color in autumn.

5 Dogwood

Huge spring blossoms in pink or white, showy bird-loving red berries, and bright fall red colors are reasons to plant this popular tree. It doesn’t get huge, making it a good choice for smaller batches.