19 ways to liven up your bedroom walls Part 1

Household Appliances & Furniture, Decorating the walls is an essential step in the interior design process, but it seems particularly important in the bedroom, since nobody wants to wake up in a simple white box. In fact, if your room looks unfinished, it’s probably due to the lack of decorations on the wall. Whether you are working on a budget, planning to dive in with some wallpaper or looking for inspiration to showcase creative art, these designer-approved bedroom wall decor ideas will help you relive space. Property News

Padding the walls

Ever wanted to crawl into a bed more than you have right now? The moody gray velvet walls and the coordinated headboard give a smoky and textured charm and mystery to the otherwise white, bright and airy space designed by Alison Pickart. No works of art are needed, as these walls speak for themselves.

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Mount a sculpture

Patterns and bright colors give life to this bedroom designed by Kelly Hohla. The metallic accents are really pop and the brutalist sculpture adds dimension while the layers of fabrics keep things soft. And of course, the playful wall covering is itself a work of art. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Add texture

Perabot unik, In this bedroom designed by Hecker Guthrie, the dark, long and lean wooden panels lend grit and shine, while the luxurious red armchair and the luxurious cream-colored carpet create warmth.

Imitate a mural

If your painting skills are lacking, ask someone else to create a mural for you, or you may even try a beautiful and temporary background. Here, Studio DB opted for a pictorial blue background.

Mount some horns

The horns can be rustic, trendy or even glam (yes, seriously) depending on how you model them. Choose a metallic version and combine jewel tones or opt for something with a vintage charm, as Heidi Caillier did in this eclectic bedroom.