19 ways to liven up your bedroom walls Part 3

Mix the decoration for adults and children

House Appliances & Furniture, In a child’s room, mix timeless works of art with fun and youthful decorations on the wall. In that room, Heidi Caillier opted for a framed painting and a giraffe bust on the wall.

Integrated shelves

This wallpaper printed on a hot air balloon brings a sense of dream and movement into the small room. It is a beautiful way to frame the wall of integrated shelves. Designer Katie Lyndon aptly describes it as classic, but imaginative. Property News

Organize a gallery wall

In this Scandinavian-style room, the asymmetrical wall of the gallery warms things up, making them more personal and welcoming. For a convenient display of art on the wall, mix framed pieces with vintage engraved artifacts or your own art. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Hang a mirror

Patterned wallpaper is the beginning, but the romantic and decorated mirror above the bed takes this sweet room designed by Cathy Kinaid to the end.

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Paint a reason

It is not necessary to break clean walls and curtains; instead, paint a motif. You can cover the entire wall for greater impact or limit the design to a small section. Perabot Unik