Bathroom design ideas that will make you never want to leave the bathtub Part 3

Give new twists to classic design

From the floor to the chandelier, to the marble vanity and even the romantic bathrobe, this bathroom designed by Studio DB has strong Art Deco roots. Although retro inspired, each detail has a new and modern interpretation. And who needs a giant mirror when you can have a really cool wall light? Perabot Unik

Go chart

In her bathroom at the Kips Bay showroom, designer Young Huh created an ingenious statement using her AKDO green and white tiles, as well as a black and white mirror and a sculptural black sink. Oh, and a bouquet of flowers never hurts!

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Choose an alternative bathtub

Who said a bathtub had to be made of porcelain? At her home in Sag Harbor, Alison Babcock chose a concrete bathtub to anchor the master bathroom.

Focus on your own space

Designed by Studio DB, this bath moment is a big surprise. Make these bubble baths even more relaxing, keeping the decor minimalist and focusing on the beauty of the surrounding space (a phenomenal view doesn’t hurt either). Household appliances & Furniture

Mix your styles

A little modern, a little industrial: it’s all about this warm and shiny bathroom, designed by Black Lacquer Design. For more texture and color, bring a plush rug like this.

Use an Etagere for additional storage

Perabot Rumah Tangga, Another great way to introduce a ton of storage space without puncturing your closet walls and custom shelves is by sliding over an etagere, as done in this bathroom designed by Elizabeth Roberts. And, as they are exposed, it can also show extra decoration.

Install floor-to-ceiling cubicles

These floor-to-ceiling compartments offer ample storage space in a bathroom designed by Robson Rak. Place things like toilet paper, cleaning supplies and other bulk items behind closed doors, then display your decor and towels on the open shelves. I love how these tonal towels reflect the wood grains in the storage unit.

Embrace quirky projects

With eucalyptus pendants, a turquoise sink and fresh bedding, this farm bathroom designed by Leanne Ford is more than dreamy. It also proves that oddly shaped bathrooms can be beautiful with smart designs.

Focus on form and materials

If you want an elegant bathroom, look at this Hecker Guthrie space. Although it is sophisticated, formal and undoubtedly elegant, nothing seems too flashy or ostentatious. Instead of bringing flashy golden mirrors, they stacked two frameless rounds for a unique design. Likewise, they chose modern and smart lighting, rather than exaggerated chandeliers. This allows us to focus on the real statement: that sculptural red and metallic marble sink. Dark wood accents and wall panels also bring a realistic feeling of sand inspired by nature, without dressing the entire space. Property News

Get big in a small space

Do not allow small rooms to stop you from growing. The home of interior designer Shaun Smith in New Orleans is a treasure trove of beautiful and smart design solutions. If the bathroom is too small for deep shelves, add additional storage by placing a tray on top of the basket. Keep the hand towels and flowers there to brighten up the room. And most importantly, have fun with the color.