Bathroom design ideas that will make you never want to leave the bathtub Part 4

Bring the outdoors inside

Just because you can’t invest in an outdoor shower doesn’t mean you can’t make the bathroom look like it’s outside. Play with the garden, with modern glass doors and windows (and let the light in) and put some greenery in the shower. Plants help remove air from chemicals left behind by cleansing and beauty products. In addition, they instantly add life to any bathroom. Then add some privacy curtains, as the design firm Hecker Guthrie did here.

Improve privacy

This bathroom wall divider designed by Commune makes a big difference, both functionally and stylistically. The cream color tone softens the space and adds a contemporary feel to the mirror’s Art Deco shape. Best of all, add a touch of privacy. A folding screen can also act as a temporary option. Perabot Unik

Highlights a fresh color

From mint green wall coverings to freestanding sinks, matte finishes, terrace vanity and hairpin legs, it’s hard enough not to fall in love with the bathroom designed by 2LG Studio. Fan-shaped Art Deco tiles are the perfect base for a refreshing bath.

Support your artwork

Instead of hanging artwork on the walls, simply tilt it over the counter for fresh, effortless elegance, as is done in this changing bathroom, designed by Arent & Pyke. Household appliances & Furniture

Paint the ceiling

In this master bathroom designed by Julie Rootes Interiors, the shower, the walls and the white marble vanity set the tone for a luxurious and cohesive look. The gallery-style floor lamp works as modern art, contrasting very well with traditional elements. And the high-gloss ceiling looks contemporary and fresh, while the neutral, timeless color maintains the classic space. (Professional tip: the higher the gloss of the paint, the easier it is to clean and maintain, especially in areas with high humidity, such as bathrooms.)

Use all available space

Use all available surfaces as makeshift shelves, be it a threshold or a robe, as Elizabeth Roberts designed it here. Although fireplaces are not exactly frequent frills in the bathroom, we are digging this up as an unexpected statement. However, the floating bath clearly steals the spotlight. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Add a stool

When decorating a child’s bathroom, choose young, timeless colors and motifs. In this bathroom designed by Studio DB, neutral green colors and geometric tiles do the trick. Then, add a fun stool under the sink so the little ones can reach it (and make the space more fun).

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Go Glam understood

This sweet bathroom designed by Leanne Ford is a lesson in minor updates that can make an old-fashioned space look new. The contrast between hyper-realistic and sandy photography against the classic black and white striped wallpaper and the dazzling chandelier creates a pleasant juxtaposition. He added a magazine rack, custom linen curtains, a hand towel ring and a case to polish things without having to replace the existing sink and bathroom. Property News


A bathroom is the perfect place to have fun with patterns, shapes and colors. And there is no better place to look for fun inspiration in the bathroom than the 2LG Studio portfolio. In this bathroom, they affirm a strong sense of symmetry with double sinks with a round vanity and linear structure. These two shapes are reproduced on simulated wooden tiles and oval sinks.

Make the bathtub the star

Now, this is how you create an affordable yet stylish bathroom. Robson Rak chose the perfect spot to be the star: just below the window and flanked by romantic treasures for a touch of privacy. The low pendant adds a little original charm without stealing the show.

Use vertical space

It is easy to lose a room when it is too small, mainly because there is not enough useful space for decoration. But it is definitely possible, and worthwhile, to upgrade and personalize these small rooms. Take this dresser from Ailana Michelle Ralph’s house, for example. With a light pink wall and a surrounding gallery of eclectic works of art, the small room has a lot of impact.