Bathroom design ideas that will make you never want to leave the bathtub Part 5

Add an extra powder room

If your space allows, call the contractor and place a toilet under the stairs on the main floor: an extra bathroom on the main floor will always be useful. The southwestern vibes, designed by Leanne Ford, make it casual and inviting. Perabot Unik

Bring a vanity

The velvet stool and the luminous mirror make applying makeup easier and more elegant in this space designed by Studio DB. The vanity is the perfect addition to a master bathroom. So, if space allows, take note.

Vintage meets modernity

Designer Nina Farmer decided to keep the vintage corner sink in this New England home, but gave it a new look with marble wallpaper and vintage mirror. The original boiserie was repainted in Plarrow by Farrow & Ball. Household appliances & Furniture

Replace hardware

Small updates can make a difference. Case in point? The metal and black wall hook in this bathroom designed by Arent & Pyke, which also offers an extra place to hang towels. And, instead of opting for classic wooden shelves, consider a red marble one.

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Embrace the space

Design firm Alexander DB softens large industrial-style windows and large concrete floors in this industrial space with a soft rug and striped towels. Although they are decidedly more bohemian, they adapt to the modern black tank and warehouse vibrations, because they remain in this monochromatic palette.

Use a cheerful color

Double sinks are always a win, especially when they are as chic as those in the Hecker Guthrie space. The yellow sun returns and the ambient lighting makes it impossible to smile. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Install glass doors

For a romantic and open atmosphere, consider installing glass doors. These white French doors in this master bathroom, designed by Leanne Ford, attract our gaze to the dream bathtub (the dark artwork above also helps). And the concrete floors give a bold touch.

Fill a small space with personality

Although a clean, crisp white background appears to maximize a small bathroom, this is not always the case. In fact, sometimes the modern, empty appearance can make tiny rooms even smaller. Instead, load a punch with contrasting pieces, attractive hardware and fun details. The bright and fun pieces of this bathroom, designed by Arent & Pyke, show that you don’t need a lot of square images to do everything.

Highlight your passions

Themes work particularly well in interiors if inspired by your passions and interests, but with a touch of design. This master bathroom designed by Alexander Angle is the perfect example. Their client had a large collection of ship paintings, so they decided to anchor the master bathroom with them. The old chests, the blue walls and the gold pendant are a good sign of the maritime adventure. Property News

Mix the materials

Studio DB seriously knows how to design a killer bathroom. From the vanity with a spike in the back to the romantic metallic mural and the cocktail trail near the wall-mounted bathtub, there are many excellent details. Our biggest advantage is to use a variety of materials in the bathroom, for aesthetic and functional reasons. The marble slab under the bath is essential for the bath, while the wooden floor makes it accessible and the luxurious velvet rug in the lobby adds a touch of glamor.