28 of the most impressive house exteriors of all time #3

Address on the beach

Near Seaside, Florida, a two-story beachfront cabin designed by Birmingham, Alabama-based architect James F. Carter has an old tin roof and traditional balconies with stacked screens. Although the house is repeated in antiquity, it features solar panels and ecological materials. Perabot Unik

London townhouse

This imposing 1860s London house is an imposing presence in the trendy South Kensington area of ??London. The clean cut on the exterior contrasts with the strong red tones that adorn some of the interior walls. Household appliances & Furniture

Lakeside Mansion

The Pittsburgh Paints Citadel Blue brightens the exterior of this Lake Michigan home designed by Alexander Bogaerts. It almost blends in with the clouds and sky, offering an airy and welcoming presence.

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Tuscan inspired house

The towering cypresses resemble the Tuscan landscape in this house decorated by Barbara Barry. It is found in Corona del Mar, California, and the surrounding plants give a welcoming presence. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Summer house in Telha

Designers John Knott and John Fondas’ summer home in Maine features a tile-style exterior. At the entrance (left), Knott used columns recovered from northern New York.

Canadian house

Designer Garrow Kedigian’s beautiful Montreal weekend home was built in 1923 and has a unique L-shaped corner layout in a historic courtyard complex. The flowers give an irresistible appeal. Property News