22 bathroom paint color ideas for a makeover project #1

Perabot Unik, Using colored paint can be intimidating, but choosing something adventurous and fun may have been a style reward. This is especially true in smaller spaces, such as bathrooms and toilets. Even if you are not planning a renovation so soon, you will definitely want to repaint your bathroom as soon as you see the colorful bathrooms ahead. Whether you want to dare throughout the piece, add a subtle accent, or incorporate a pattern, we have bathroom paint color ideas to inspire you. There are no boring toilets here.

It’s all about layers, textures, and colors in this warm bath, created by Heidi Caillier. He transformed a rustic green chest of drawers into a polished dresser with a natural stone countertop for an elegant touch. The most transformative element of the space is definitely the dark gray paint, which creates a cozy atmosphere. Household appliances & Furniture

We love the eclectic artwork against the baby pink walls of this bathroom. A tiny bathroom is the perfect place for a fun paint color, as there is no room for other decorative statements. In this bathroom, the pink background makes the traditional portrait gallery fun and extravagant.

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If you like a bolder design, paint the walls gray and incorporate more industrial elements. Here, Leanne Ford worked with concrete and exposed pipes. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Contrary to popular belief, stark white walls can make small spaces look even smaller, while dark paint colors will make a modest bathroom or bath more luxurious and expansive. Also, the smaller rooms are perfect for experimenting, as we mentioned. We love the classic blue paint that Reath Design chose for this space.

In this Commune Design bathroom, this burnt coral paint strikes a good balance between exclusive and neutral, sophisticated and bold, soft and bold. All of the gold accents add a contemporary yet timeless feel, especially paired with the warm wood cabinets. Property News