22 bathroom paint color ideas for a makeover project #2

Timeless beige

The wooden panels painted in a soft gray shade create a classic background for this Heidi Caillier bathroom. Wooden materials and accents such as the toilet seat and the mirror, together with geometric tile floors, complete the painting. The result is discreet and accessible elegance. Household appliances & Furniture

Cheerful turquoise

With an adventurous mix of colors, patterns and textures, this bathroom designed by Sean Scherer is full of character. The black tub with claw feet, bronze appliques and works of art framed in gold add a new Gothic touch to the tropical turquoise wall and the lime and coral green sails. Floral carpets unite everything. Perabot Unik

Captivating red

Emil Dervish has kept this modern and minimalist industrial space with graphic white square tiles, but has added some funk with color to the upper half of the walls and ceiling. Choose an intense red color like this if you want to make a strong statement. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Brown on the ground

We love the unconventional but neutral clay color scheme in this free-standing bathroom designed by Robert McKinley Studio. The combination of mocha painted walls, woven shades and shutters and a natural stone worktop create an oasis inspired by the earth. Property News

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Sunny orange

The bright mandarin-painted cabinets in this bathroom designed by ETC highlight the orange hues of the pink stone vanity, which also combines the pink tile and carpet. The lesson? Match your cabinets with yoru stones and natural tiles.