22 bathroom paint color ideas for a makeover project #4

Dark blue

Perabot Unik, Interior architect Shaun Smith used blue retro tiles in her bathroom to fuel the design process. Along with the blue floral wallpaper and porcelain accents, the old school tiles look much fresher and more elegant. To further polish things, he painted the ceiling in a slightly different shade of blue.


Subway and hex tiles are popular in bathrooms for good reason. They are resistant in humid environments and, in terms of style, they are classic and reliable. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use paint! Here, designer Caroline Rafferty painted the ceiling in a shade of black to make the white and airy atmosphere a formal and intimate aspect. Household appliances & Furniture

Light yellow

The pale yellow walls in the upper half of the wall complete the geometric mustard and the white tiles that frame the tub. Terracotta herringbone tiles are a good transition. They feel subtle and “casual”, but they combine perfectly, perfect for living in an elegant country setting.

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Dark green

This bathroom designed by Studio DB is undeniably sexy. While custom metal wallpaper is the focal point, the purple claw foot tub and deep forest green walls create the backdrop. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Soft baby blue

This Palm Beach powder room is located near the pool and painted to resemble a hut with awning and tasseled curtains. It is easier to replace than the background and is more exclusive, since you can customize it as you wish.

White chalk

Leanne Ford is the queen of completely white interiors. Keeps things interesting by folding into different textures. In this bathroom, he opted for a limestone paint finish, introducing more depth and size. Property News

Dark blue

The farmhouse sink in this guest bathroom is a subtle nod to the early days of this Charleston home as a kitchen. Polo Blue on the walls adds a modern touch of color to this historic home.