40 blue rooms that show it’s the most special color of the rainbow Part 1

Blue. Even the word itself feels full and soft, like a hug or a deep breath. Visually, of course, it is even more powerful. “That this blue exists makes my life extraordinary, just because I’ve seen it. Having seen such beautiful things,” Maggie Nelson reflected. “We love looking at blue, not because it drives us forward, but because it attracts us,” said Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. “The world is blue at its edges and in its depths. This blue is the light that has been lost,” repeated Rebecca Solnit. And just as this color has enchanted writers, artists, philosophers and scientists for centuries, it is also the most popular choice for interior design. From living rooms to bedrooms, kitchens, vanities and more, the 40 spaces in front of you can inspire you to immerse your home in a thousand leagues of blue. Perabot Unik

Play with shapes

Household appliances & Furniture, Just look at a blue room to slow down the pace and calm it down. A monochromatic palette allows us to focus on the incredible interior architecture and dramatic pieces in this living room designed by Robson Rak. Relaxing tones and bulbous shapes everywhere, from the marble coffee table to the bubble pendant lamp and the rounded sofa, make it sober and bold.

Add blue details

Keep everything neutral and then choose soft blue accents. Here, Cathy Kincaid painted the bed frame and used accent pillows for a touch of blue. We love the contrast between traditional high-end monogram bedding, a mirror of sea bream, full curtains and an unexpectedly cheeky canopy bed against the pillow.

Includes telltale accents

Setting the tone for the relaxing home at the entrance is of utmost importance. Here, interior designer Tamsin Johnson used traditional staples and injected personalities with blue accents, from the Art Deco carpet to abstract painting and elaborate chandelier.

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Mix the materials

The bathroom of interior designer Shaun Smith in New Orleans should be his blue decoration model. He worked around the retro tile wall choosing an all blue color palette dotted with rattan pieces. Not only is it a good idea to keep the background out of the sketches’ range, but it can also cut your cost in half if you buy enough for half the footage. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Ground the Space

Color spreads to the high beams in this living room designed by Thomas Jayne and William Cullum. As you can see in the mirror, the color of these walls changes according to how the light hits you, changing between mint green and soft sea foam green. Red and blue also work very well, rooting the greenish blue paint. To lengthen your already high ceilings, hang a pendant lamp above the sitting area.
blue bedroom ideas

Try old-fashioned models

Nicknamed “The Blue Room” at the Firehouse Hotel, the new chic Los Angeles boutique designed by ETC.etera, this room is an absolute goal. If you weren’t sure if you wanted to anchor your space around blue earlier, you probably do it now. The contrast between a classic and modern geometric vanity motif is the perfect combination of strangeness and tradition.

Paint half the wall

The sky blue paint frames this bathroom designed by 2LG Studios, while a palm tree gives it life. To reproduce the cool tones of the paint, the designers used silver hardware. Sharp white materials and gray stained wood panels. Property News

Smooth it out

A soft feeling of soft blue adds a dreamy, ethereal quality to any space, offering a ton of versatility, making it particularly suitable for the bedroom. Linen linen and accent chair makeshift table contribute to that simple and undone elegance. Even the floorboards have been washed in a beautiful grayish blue!

Stick to a topic

Nautical rules in this master bathroom designed by Alexander Angle. Inspired by the passions and interests of the occupant, but with a touch of intelligent design, this bathroom looks refined but personal. Vintage trunks, blue walls and gold pendant are a good sign of the maritime adventure.

Swimming in blue

Glossy paints are a sure way to make a bold statement. In this room designed by the decorator Alisa Bloom, the rich liquid glow makes the light bounce around a dark room, a turn to that old mirror trick that designers adore. Bloom used Delft Blue 4003 Fine Paints from Europe in Hollandlac Brilliant to illuminate the entire bedroom.