40 blue rooms that show it’s the most special color of the rainbow Part 2

Touch with tone

Perabot Unik, A smoky blue-gray mural wallpaper blends unexpectedly well with the warm wooden console of this hall designed by Heidi Caillier. The accessories that adorn the table, such as the checkered lamp, the metal vase and the misty mirror, combine cold tones with natural brown tones.

Make a statement wall

This master bathroom designed by Regan Baker Design is absolutely fascinating, thanks to the blue tiled wall. Rich in colors and design, it doubles the depth and character of the room.

Go bright

This dining room in a family home designed by Cameron Ruppert Interiors receives a fascinating dose of blue lacquered paint. Upholstered chairs and beige and cream rugs brighten the mood. Household appliances & Furniture

Use as neutral

In this blue room designed by DB, the peach and marigold sessions add just the right amount of variation. Corresponding walls and sections interact beautifully with the light, projecting an ethereal glow throughout. For a similar effect, choose a shade of pale blue paint that is barely visible.

Very shy

A vibrant blue-violet tint is perfect for a child’s room. This makes the bunk beds look more stylish and trendy, and maybe convince your kids that sharing a room is really cool. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Get inspired by the ocean

Blue is one of those colors that looks affordable – it’s bold enough to look like you’re taking serious risks, but it’s still classic. Two different shades of teal give Florida cuisine a chic beach setting. Brass lanterns keep you from feeling too coastal.

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Layer Your Blues

The walls of this family room have been lacquered in a personalized marine color, giving the color even more depth. Property News

Bring it to the floor

The tiles inspired by the night sky are the perfect base for this fantastic children’s bathroom, designed by Cameron Rupert Interiors. With contrasting prints, fun motifs and touches of red, it is a space that children and adults alike can love. Take note if you like blue, but also want to play with other colors.

Play against the guy

When you don’t want to dominate the room with blue, keep it confined to art and lighting. Here, he still stands out for sharing the focus with other attractive colors, such as hot pink and olive green.