40 blue rooms that show it’s the most special color of the rainbow Part 3

Become monochrome

Perabot Unik, Do you like blue powder? Here’s your choice. In this space designed by Crosby Studio, the soft blue hue of the periwinkle stains every inch, from curtains to finishes, ceilings, furniture and counters. There is something undeniable about the modern use of a specific color, and a pastel shade offers a great sense of eccentric boldness that you don’t take too seriously.

Create like David Lynch

The blue velvet on the cover contrasts with the blue walls. Both have fresh tones, which makes the room cohesive.

wash it

Becoming bold does not always imply a vibrant or dark color. Instead, the plot can create drama. In this aquatic salon, the glossy lacquer exudes elegance. Household appliances & Furniture

Get a pattern

A decorated wall covering makes a small entrance look like a jewelry box. Chinese statues enhance the well-traveled atmosphere.

Play with the ladder

Ink is not the only way to incorporate blue on a large scale. This floor-to-ceiling shower in blue tiles makes the shower you’ll never want to leave. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Light a library

Blue lacquered walls reflect light and make a larger room smaller. Choose a lighter shade of blue if you don’t have natural light.

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Take on Teal

This living room is an eclectic masterpiece that will remain relevant throughout the year. Heidi Caillier only painted the walls blue until the chair line and the window ends for a warm and wintery atmosphere, while the white paint ensures a light and airy atmosphere.

Make it rustic

Do you need to beautify a laundry room, pantry or storage space? The easiest solution is to paint your cabinets. The icy gray-blue of this Vol Kitchens laundry room blends well with rustic white stone walls and exposed beams. Property News

Sign in ink

A small living area has a strong impact of walls and wardrobes with the same shade of blue paint. The deep color is perfect for a library or home office.

Shake it

The green lucite coffee table in this living room designed by Heather Hilliard is a welcome surprise. Relive the blue sky background and the floral sofa without colliding with the traditional elements in space, leaving the blue to reign supreme.

Give real treatment

These walls in the master bedroom were painted an intense blue with a decorative cross enamel finish. The dark color doesn’t look impressive, thanks to the abundance of natural light in this room.