40 blue rooms that show it’s the most special color of the rainbow Part 4

Be proud like a peacock

Perabot Unik, The peacock blue lacquer adds a deep depth to the walls of the library of a house in Chicago – and underlines the incredible Warhol model.

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Let the patterns collide

Instead of using paints and solids for the desired blue monochrome color scheme, opt for a stiff motif that covers the space. Or, in the case of this room designed by Cameron Ruppert, some repeated contrasting motifs in the same color combination. The curtains and the wallpaper have the same cream and blue print, while the padded chair and the pouf set bring a touch of red to the things that end and the blue skirt is combined with the quilt. Household appliances & Furniture

Dive into the Navy

In this historic Charleston guesthouse, a rich blue polo adds classic and moody elegance. It looks even better with wooden accents.

Turn on a breakfast room

We woke up early to have breakfast in this blue breakfast room every day. White accents help to look fresh. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Experience a blue in the Hague

The Blue Hague creates a jewel-like atmosphere in the library of this home in Nashville. Glam vibes with a decorated velvet sofa.

Try only one point

You don’t have to clean an entire room in blue to make it stand out. Here, Heather Hilliard chose a demonstration piece to set the tone: the kitchen island. Property News

Pack on Pattern

In the tent of a Connecticut farm, the same fabric covers the walls and the sofa. White ceilings help break the blue and make the room lighter and airier.

Put it everywhere

Channel the sea with dark blue wardrobes and walls. Tie everything together with upholstered seats in a similar tone.

Improve the drama

The deep blue walls give a drama to a library in a California home. The color also gently echoes the blue from the sofa upholstery.