25 best new color combinations for 2020 #4

Lemon + Apple Jam

“The dining chairs and stools in the kitchen are in typical Chippendale bamboo style, but with striking lacquers they are striking,” says designer Jesse Carrier of this home in Naples, Florida. “It’s like they’re covered in candy.” The yellow glaze for the walls was inspired by Popham Design pop design tile. Perabot Unik

Amethyst + scarlet

The velvet-covered banquet serves as a soft seat for the dining table, wrapped in purple fabric by Elegant Fabrics. The three-year-old daughter of designer David Kaihoi is sitting on Stokke’s red Tripp Trapp highchair in the New York apartment. Household appliances & Furniture

Royal violet + sea foam

In this Brooklyn studio, designed by Nick Olsen, a Mexican poncho is an unexpected choice for the upholstery of a Louis XV style chair. The vintage blanket inspired the apartment’s vibrant color scheme. The white twill cover of the Love armchair, with a touch of green, echoes the Super White doors finished on Amazon Moss. Perabot Rumah Tangga

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Ruby + Ink

Nick Olsen designed a Moorish style arched headboard in bright red leather with touches of lavender in contrast with the opaque walls of the Manhattan room in Eurolux Interior Matte Matte navy blue.

Lima + Pearl Pink

“We wanted the dining room to be a pretty and elegant candle holder that shines by candlelight,” says Christina Murphy. He wrapped the room in Stark’s bright Korean wallpaper, hand-painted on a silk floor. Linwood side chairs by Hickory Chair with silver leaf finish and Worlds-Away mirror accessories enhance the sparkling atmosphere. Property News