24 bedroom colors that will make you wake up happier in 2020 #1

Light lilac

This lavender oasis designed by Cathy Chapman is proof that you can decorate with colors while remaining understated. Although full of lavender tones, this corner also exudes a calm and serene energy. The key is to stick with a history of soft pastel colors. In this case, the designer worked within a purple spectrum while keeping things interesting with contrasting textures, shapes and finishes. Perabot Unik

Khaki Green

In this cabin designed by Heidi Caillier, the guest room is painted in a soft shade of green inspired by nature. It adapts to the environment and speaks with all the other accent colors used throughout the space, for a beautiful and cohesive ensemble.

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Reddish rose

If this capricious room doesn’t make you blush, we don’t know what will. “Exuberantly feminine, but decidedly chic” was the motto of designer Jonathan Berger to decorate this house in Brooklyn. Berger found Suzani on eBay, while the curved Venetian-inspired headboard is covered with Nouvelle Orleans, a velvet cut from Clarence House that resembles ironwork, but is of course much softer to the touch. Napoleon III’s antique rope pouf covered with an Aubusson tapestry adds a chic touch of French country to seal the deal. Household appliances & Furniture

Blue ice

A soft, smooth blue gives the feeling of fresh air when you enter the room. It adds an ethereal and dreamy quality to each space, but it also offers a lot of versatility, making it particularly suitable for the bedroom. Linen bedding and makeshift end table chair add to this easy, undone elegance. Perabot Rumah Tangga

yellow lemon

It is always a good idea to check the color wheel at each stage of the decorating process. Knowing which colors complement each other will make everything easier, from idealization to purchase and, of course, living within the final result. A good example of a job well done? This gray and yellow room designed by Juan Carretero. There is no doubt that yellow represents joy, so if you want to spread warmth and energy, this is the right color for you. You will love how the bright striped ceiling brings a more fun element to the more traditional guest room. Property News