24 bedroom colors that will make you wake up happier in 2020 #2

Soft black

While we often think of bright whites and crisp light tones when trying to open up a smaller space, there is also a solid case to get darker. In fact, more inked tones are known to amplify smaller spaces. Not to mention, it sets the right mood in the bedroom. The soft black paint color in this bedroom makes it feel special and intimate in a way you could never get with a lighter shade. Perabot Unik

Cobalt blue

Gloss paints are a surefire way to make a bold statement. In this bedroom designed by decorator Alisa Bloom, the rich, liquid sheen of the finish makes light bounce off a dark room. To light up the entire bedroom he used Fine Paints of Europe’s Delft Blue 4003 in Hollandlac Brilliant.

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Pale beige

Who says beige is boring? Reliable, versatile, warm and subtle, it’s one of the best paint colors for a bedroom. A super light taupe shade contrasts enough with a bright, crisp interior while injecting some warmth into the space. Also remember long walks on a sandy beach. Add pops of cheerful color with decorations and pillows. Household appliances & Furniture


The guest bedroom of a Canadian townhouse radiates warmth with terracotta walls. A large, eye-catching piece of art helps break up the dark color. While brown isn’t exactly the most obvious paint color when decorating a bedroom, this warm nook is a good case. The fact that it is unexpected makes it perfect for those who love to experiment with color but don’t like bright neons and fun pastels. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Brilliant white

This bedroom is spectacular, simple and simple. And while some might say that white is the absence of all colors, we’d say it’s making a huge statement. Indeed, the sometimes neutral tones give the space a more open and timeless feel, while allowing other design highlights to stand out more. This attic bedroom, designed by Amber Interiors, uses a fresh, pure white shade that energizes the entire space. Property News