The 16 best neutral paint colors for any room in your home #1

You might think neutral paint colors are a party to fall asleep in and therefore should be left in the background when designing bold spaces, but today’s new neutral tones are anything but boring. In fact, they are leading the way in unexpected directions, ensuring your home remains timeless and grows with you over the years as your style and needs change. Lilac, navy blue and Etruscan red join the ranks of white, gray and beige and the result couldn’t be more impressive. Read on to hear the designer’s favorite neutral colors to use in every room in the house.

Neutral cream

It was a challenge to marry their clients’ two styles, explains designer Corey Damen Jenkins. “The wife loved jewel tones and ornaments, while the husband was on the other end of the spectrum – no color, no wallpaper,” says Jenkins. Then the living room walls were painted with PPG garlic “which is enough heat to counter the bright white of the often snowy landscape,” while an adjacent room door gained a pop of color with Benjamin Moore’s Navy masterpiece. Perabot Unik

Neutral light green

Justina Blakeney, designer and blogger at The Jungalow, used this neutral light green as an affirmative touch on a transitional wall between the living room and kitchen. “If you were to boil it, the bungalow is made up of four ingredients: color, pattern, plants and overall results,” so neutral shades of green paint are a natural favorite. In her kitchen, she used an even more subtle shade, Glidden’s Silver Maple, which in some lights looks almost gray.

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Neutral pewter

Designer Patrick Baglino recommends using this gray color in wide open spaces with details in turquoise, scarlet or tangerine. “The warmth of this gray comes from adding a touch of beige and is as comforting as a bowl of homemade chicken soup,” he says. Household appliances & Furniture

Neutral white

Since that white color is in the middle between hot and cold, designer Darryl Carter says Benjamin Moore Huntington White DC-02 will work equally well in traditional and modern settings. “Historically I am inclined to a neutral palette and this white has been my preference for years. It’s a chameleon, taking on subtle tonal changes throughout the day, “he says. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Neutral gray

Because this saturated gray-brown-black looks black, but not that harsh, it’s easy to live in any room, designer Peter Dunham says, “It’s not that deep dowsing black, but soft and sun-bleached, with depth and mystery. In a matte finish, it looks like a slightly misted slate”. Property News