The 16 best neutral paint colors for any room in your home #2

Neutral Mauve

Designer Brett Beldock says this light gray lilac is as warm as a knitted cashmere sweater, so he recommends using it throughout the room, not just on the walls. “It would transform the room into a cocoon … very peaceful. Bring ivory, gray, eggplant or chocolate to contrast,” he says.

Neutral Red

Since this striking color is the same earthy red seen in pre-Columbian art, on a dusky mural or on a Turkish rug, it is incredibly neutral and goes with anything, says designer Carey Maloney: “We use it in our lobby as a backdrop with a Chinese coromandel canvas and a huge wooden African sculpture. Create this incredibly warm and welcoming entrance that attracts you to the rest of the house. ” Perabot Unik

Neutral Blue

According to designer Jonathan Rose, for a house in the countryside or by the sea, water is the new target and is the perfect complement to green or the sea. “The idea is that the color of the wall is calm so that it blends perfectly with the outside. This teal is a pastel with personality. Keep the general feeling serene with light floors, white finishes, a touch of deeper water and a few dark accents to anchor the room “, he says.

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Neutral Beige

Beige is the trusted neutral of designer Jonathan Taylor that goes with any white, even a white that went wrong. “Years ago, a Fiorucci salesman looked at my all beige outfit and said, ‘Well, beige is in fashion’. I say yes! Best on washable matte walls, changes tone with light, warms a cold entry hall and whispers ‘Shhh’ in the master suite. It is almost infallible, “he says. Household appliances & Furniture

Neutral Lilac

Although generally considered feminine, designer Laura Burleson says that lilac works wonderfully as a neutral when combined with strong and deep colors like charcoal, black or navy. “This shade is the perfect balance between saturation and hue, like watching the sunset through a soft filter. Experiment with unexpected applications: the ceiling of a temperamental male library; the interior of cream cabinets in a kitchen.” He says.

Neutral Stone

This is one of those chameleon colors that can be read as gray, taupe or green, depending on the light, according to designer Robin Bell. “I would use it with a matte finish on the walls, where a great sheet would be used to heat the whites, or with a high-gloss finish on the trim,” he says. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Neutral brown

People always think that neutral means beige, but designer Gary McBournie says that beige is not neutral, it is “blah, blah, blah”. Instead, she recommends taking inspiration from nature: “You’ll see forest green, sky blue and this delicious brown, which also reminds me of a cauldron of chocolate. I used it in hallways, dining rooms and even in my own room. For a clear effect, paint the ceiling and trim a bright white. “

Neutral ivory

Despite its name, Farrow & Ball’s Blackened is actually a cool ivory shade with a hint of gray. (According to the company, “historically it was done with the addition of the black lamp pigment extracted from the smoke from burning oil lamps”). “I love it because it’s not pure white,” says designer Eddie Ross. “It is great to use stronger colors because there is no big transition.”

Carbon Neutral

Looking for a temperamental but not oppressive neutral? “This warm blue-gray has a relaxing feel,” says Ross. “It’s the perfect combination of dark and cozy for a master bedroom.” Property News

Neutral Taupe

Taupe with a hint of green, “This color reminds me of drabware,” says Ross of C2 Paint Lamb’s Ear BD-78. “I would use it in a living room – it is very cozy and easy to see in space.”