10 makeup ideas to stay organized and get ready in style #2

Use a closet or folding screen

Convert a closet or screen into a makeshift vanity table in a free corner. Studio DB has equipped it with padded interiors and hanging shelves for glasses and bar essentials or anything else you want in your boudoir aside from makeup and skincare items. Perabot Unik

Make it double as a desk

Choose a small desk so you can also use it in your bedroom as a small workspace. And instead of hanging a large mirror, enliven the walls with an eye-catching painting and keep a sculptural hand mirror on your desk for applying makeup.

Add style seating

A comfortable place to sit while getting ready immediately makes a closet feel more luxurious, especially with a velvet ottoman like this in a Studio DB designed walk-in closet. We also like the idea of lining up a set of asymmetrical mirrors instead of just one for a bolder statement. Household appliances & Furniture

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Try a mirrored medicine cabinet

Use your sink! If you don’t have room for a proper vanity table, a wall-mounted mirror cabinet will do. It is convenient and gives you easy access to all your products. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Animate it with the background

If you have a small desk or makeup in the closet, use some cute jars to store the jewelry. Consider making a wall with wallpaper, placing a mirror on the surface, and tucking in a bold stool. Hang pendants on either side of the mirror rather than opting for applique. Property News