The best paint colors for small bathrooms when you’re tired of white #3

13 Black lacquer

For high-impact contrast, paint finishes with a brighter finish. This bathroom’s black, white, brown, green and gold color scheme is the perfect example to follow if you love stunning interiors. Perabot Unik

14 light blue

You can’t go wrong with blue skies, especially in a small bathroom. Here, Arent & Pyke brought some adult nail polish to the upbeat, cheery color with crisp black accents, an Art Deco-inspired rug, and speckled grayscale tile.

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15 Cream

Reath Design opted for a creamy white paint color in this bathroom for a softer version of bright white. It goes perfectly with the fun geometric rug and the green painted window frames. Household appliances & Furniture

16 Dark gray

It’s all about layers, textures, color in this Heidi Caillier designed hot tub. She transformed a rustic green dresser into a polished dresser with a natural stone countertop for a stylish touch. the most transformative element of the space is definitely the dark gray paint, which creates a cozy atmosphere. Perabot Rumah Tangga

17 Dusty Rose

If you love the romantic and sweet qualities of light pink but also want something a little more daring, go for a dusty rose. This one has creepy smoke and the navy contrast port makes it sharper.

18 Chocolate brown

We love the unusual yet neutral clay color scheme in this Robert McKinley Studio designed bathroom with a floor. The combination of mocha painted walls, a woven lampshade and shutters, and a natural stone countertop create an earth-inspired oasis. Property News