We are calling for the next big trend in bathroom doors – and Home !

Watching home renovation programs like Christina on the Coast or Property Brothers – Forever Home is a great way to gather ideas to experiment in your own crib. But sometimes home design experts reveal a piece so complex that their immediate reaction is like “wow, this is beautiful, but also where a simple woman like me could find it!” Household appliances & Furniture

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That’s how we felt about the decorative shower doors that we continue to see on HGTV. Most stores only offer sliding or swinging shower doors, clear or frosted glass doors, but never doors that look so elegantly like window glass. Where do designers find these ornate shower doors? Fortunately, they are finally at a store near us: Home Depot. The best part is that the prices start very low. Perabot Unik

Perabot Rumah Tangga, You can get two of these doors with matte black panels at The Home Depot for less than $ 200: $ 135 for sliding tub doors and $ 175 for sliding shower doors. The doors are really new to the retailer and have not yet received reviews or reviews (maybe you can be the first!). It is important to note that these doors do not come with handles, so you will have to add your own (handles The Home Depot suggests that you buy cost over $ 300, but we found some for $ 61). In addition, if you are looking for a swing door, there are also, but they will pull it a little further. Property News