How to create a well-lit bathroom once and for all

Toilets and showers aside, finding the right light is the most important thing in a bathroom. It improves morning and evening routines (no moments of accidental Joker makeup when the task light, more in a second, optimizes your vision) and also sets the mood. But what really creates the best bathroom lighting? While we want it to be as easy as screwing in a lamp, there is actually a lot to learn, from how to choose the right type of lamp to which style options are best for which tasks and defining key terms. Read on for a complete guide to the best type of bathroom lighting in the easiest way. Bright ideas ahead.

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Homework – a little self-explanatory, but these lights are specifically designed to make bathroom tasks easier, illuminating the area around your dressing table and mirror and close to your shower and / or bathtub. The form function wins out in the case of task lighting: they need to work.

Accent: this is where design takes center stage. Since bathrooms don’t have many opportunities to make decorative statements other than choosing their materials, wall decor is your best bet. That means mirrors and accent lights. Household appliances & Furniture

Compact fluorescent: avoid them! Like their tubular sisters (those thin blind tubes that resemble standardized lighting for testing), CFs are simply not flattering. For example, unflattering levels of supermarket security cameras. That’s because blue light tends to highlight all the imperfections that a soft glow favors. Therefore, if your bathroom has fluorescent lamps, you may want to change them. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Standard incandescent – When purchasing these, be sure to read the fine print. Make sure they are marked as “cool white” to make sure they don’t emit a yellow glow. They won’t have the correct color index for detail-oriented tasks that require precision and great vision, so white is better. They are also known as halogen lamps. Perabot Unik

LEDs – they use the least amount of energy, you will want to choose lamps within the color temperature range from 4000K to 6500K (the latter mimics super-bright white daylight, so some people may find it too bright, especially for lighting environment). They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from balloons to classic and flame-tipped lamps. They also use the least amount of energy, so in addition to flattery and vanity, they are the best for the environment. Property News