Bed Bath & Beyond is having a big fall sale and includes the famous Staub cast iron pumpkin pots

October is in full swing, which means if you don’t have your fall decorations, you still have time to revamp your space. To help you do just that, Bed Bath & Beyond is making a great deal on select items … including their famous Staub cast iron pumpkin cocotte.

Cocottes are the same pot as a Dutch oven and can serve multiple functions in your kitchen. You can stew, bake, stew, fry, saute and even boil in a Dutch oven, and this creation from Staub is perfectly festive in its pumpkin shape. They come in three-and-a-half and five-quarter sizes to suit your baking needs and can be purchased in orange, matte black, or white. All colors feature a metallic gold pumpkin stem on top. Household appliances & Furniture

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Five-quarter sizes are currently out of stock online, but you can always check your nearest store to see if they have it. Right now, three-and-a-half squash cocottine are on sale at more than 30 percent discount, with the black and white version at $ 180 instead of the typical $ 290 and the orange at $ 200 a versus the usual $ 300.. This means that no matter what color you want, you can save at least $ 100 on your purchase. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Staub is a beloved brand when it comes to kitchen equipment. These cocottine are specially designed in cast iron to be durable and distribute heat evenly, with a matte black interior ideal for browning food and a scratch-resistant enamel exterior that guarantees a perfect look sitting on your counter.

Property News, While you might think pumpkins can only be used as a decoration in the fall, any of them would look great during the winter as well. Don’t wait any longer with the idea of buying a stylish Dutch oven for your kitchen, now is the time. Perabot Unik