10 of the best gifts to make your friends obsessed with astrology Part 1

Monograms and birth stones are a great way to personalize gifts for your loved ones, but there is another fun – and often totally beautiful and elegant – way to personalize things: Representing your zodiac sign. We all have at least one friend who loves astrology, always checking your horoscope or reading people’s birth charts, so give them a gift that they will be totally amazed at.

From jewelry and candles to pillows and cookbooks (and even perfumes inspired by astrological signs!), These are some of the most thoughtful gifts from the zodiac you can give this year. It doesn’t matter if they are Virgo or Taurus – there is a gift for everyone here. Household appliances & Furniture

1 custom star map

Get a personalized star map made with your birth date and location information – this is an especially thoughtful gift for a new addition to the family, but it works for more than just the little ones, and you can also have specials (like weddings). Perabot Rumah Tangga

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2 zodiacal degli candles

You can’t go wrong with a candle, and these zodiac candles are made with essential oils and crystals to match every astrological sign.

3 Collana Constellation Zodiaco Dainty

Let them keep their eyes bright with this delicate necklace with stones to quickly present the constellation of their sign. Perabot Unik

4 Zodiac Interior Art Print

These colorful paintings show each sign as a woman in her home, surrounded by all her favorite things.

5 Celestial Astrological Chart Wheel Mug

It is the perfect mug to enjoy breakfast while reading the horoscope of the day. Property News