How to make everyday entertainment feel Really special

Between restaurant limitations, safety concerns, and whether or not we may have taken cooking as our pandemic hobby, many of us dine at home more than ever. But when it comes time to celebrate a holiday or birthday with just close relatives or close friends, how do you feel more special than a typical weekday meal? We spoke to entertainment guru Kim Seybert, whose namesake home decor brand is a truly jaw-dropping table landscape designer, about her tips for improving home occasions during the holiday season. Household appliances & Furniture

Do your best with a theme.
Just because you’re not having fun this year doesn’t mean you shouldn’t worry about the usual Christmas decorations; the fact that you spend more time at home is actually a very good reason to do so. “The best way to make things festive is to decorate the house, even if it’s just for you and your family,” says Seybert. “I love to decorate the front porch for each of these parties, as well as the family room. I will also design a table with these themes. It is worth the time and effort to create something special to celebrate!”

Even a well-laid table shouldn’t be reserved for the company, Seybert adds. “Setting the dinner table is a great and easy way to get the kids involved. Plus, it’s a good excuse for the family to get together, chat and focus on each other for an hour. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Don’t get stuck in a rut.
How do you make dinner at home less monotonous? “To keep things interesting, I love playing with colors and finding ways to incorporate the touches of the season into my designs,” says Seybert. Her recipe for the perfect table: Start with a tablecloth in a fun color or interesting texture, choose local flowers or farm produce to create a centerpiece, then mix with colorful candles. “Another way to avoid Things get obsolete is having a variety of vases, candle holders and trinkets on hand to use depending on the theme, party or color of the table. Having a few things on hand to embed in the center of the table immediately makes a table feel special “, adds. Perabot Unik

Have some basic patterns handy.
While having a few days to plan ahead is always great when you’re having fun, sometimes you need to create a last minute tablescape. Fortunately, “you can always make a dinner better, even if you don’t have a lot of time,” says Seybert. Just take an inventory of your porcelain cabinet and find out what works together so you always have a back-up plan. “An easy way is to always have a few sets of napkins, placemats and napkin holders on hand to quickly place them on the table. It’s amazing how that simple step really binds things up. Add a few lit candles in the center of the table and that’s it. ! ready! ” Property News

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Increase the luxury factor.
Expensive wine may not be an option for a 20-person dinner, but when you’re only hosting a handful of people, you can indulge in a little more. “Serving caviar as an appetizer with a unique wine or champagne always feels like a very special occasion,” says Seybert. Even your time can go further: “As the meetings are smaller this season, surprise guests by serving their favorite dish.”