21 DIY Valentine’s Day decorations that are anything but tacky Part 1

Whether you’re planning a Valentine’s Day meeting or want to create a romantic atmosphere at home without adding cheese (or breaking the bank), you’ve come to the right place. We have lots of ideas for Valentine’s Day parties (even if it’s just a party of two) decorations that you can make DIY, and they are very easy too. Whether you want to add a touch of romance to any setting or choose pieces of flowers for a celebratory Galentine Day dinner, these high-themed decor ideas will ignite passion.

Match your outfit with flowers

Start the day of romance with a good breakfast in bed. Combine your flowers with the sheets and you will be golden. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Hang a cloth and spread balloons

Go to the fabric store and look out for something in the Valentine’s Day color family (for example, pink, purple or red) and hang it above walls and windows. Here, they bring a romantic fullness to the living room without seeming too much on the topic. And the mix of large and small balloons makes it look like a complete party. Household appliances & Furniture

Hanging streamers

Or, if the hanging fabric requires a lot of maintenance, choose ribbons. Make a note of this Sugar and Charm setting so that it looks like a tall wallpaper. Perabot Unik

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Make a rose to hang on the wall

Here is proof that even fallen petals can add elegance to your space. This flower to hang on the wall is like a dream catcher, but it is even better, and it also seems to be the perfect setting for a Valentine’s Day party. Get the tutorial on a pair and a spare.

Opt for pink table decorations

Set the table with baby pink salad plates, opt for copper or rose gold candlesticks and use lots of light pink in your floral centerpiece for a discreet Valentine’s Day dinner. Property News