Room Decoration Inspiration with Dominance of Pottery Crafts

Pottery or crafts from clay is one of the growing trends today. There are many kinds of clay that are used. Earthenware and ceramics are among the most popular and durable. Somehow it started, many people are now hunting for this craft to beautify their homes. Most commonly, many carry this theme by showing it to tableware and plant pot designs. In fact, pottery is that pretty. Environmentally friendly because it is durable, biodegradable, and manufacturing does not produce too much pollution. Unlike pots or plastic cutlery. The price also varies. Some are cheap to expensive, depending on the material, design and quality. For lovers of unique room decorations, maybe it’s time to glance at pottery crafts.

  1. Have a collection of ceramic tableware? Just display it

Display cutlery in the kitchen with open shelves like this. Your kitchen will look warmer and artsy. It’s really nice to be able to show off a collection in your favorite corner. Perabot Rumah Tangga

  1. Put your favorite cup on the table in the room

Not only the kitchen, beautiful ceramic cups can be placed on the study table or bedside table. It could be a place to drink good tea or coffee, it could also be used as a pencil case and other accessories.

  1. Gardening hobbies, beautify gardens and parks with earthenware pots

The price is cheap with pretty good quality. Pottery can be found at the nearest local craftsman. Whether it’s already painted or choose one that’s still a natural clay color, everything is cool. Just adjust it to taste whether you want a minimalist or patterned one. Household appliances & Furniture

  1. Ceramic pot for the house

For indoor needs, you can choose pots made of ceramic. Besides being painted and anti-debut, it has a pretty shiny impression and is certainly just right to accommodate your favorite ornamental plants. The room becomes more beautiful because of its existence. Perabot Unik

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  1. Ceramic vases for dried flowers

If you are the type who doesn’t like to be complicated, dried flowers can be an option. Place in a beautiful and slim ceramic vase. Make decorations in the living room, room, or living room. So beautiful, you don’t need extra care either.

  1. Trinket dish for tidying up small jewelry and accessories

Trinket dish like this fits perfectly on the dressing table. There is no more drama of losing your favorite jewelry and accessories at critical times. You can make it yourself from air dry clay or polymer clay which are sold in the market if you are interested. Property News

  1. Hand soap container

For the purposes of washing hands at home, bar soap is actually not a problem. Save money and stay hygienic, really. To contain it, look for a ceramic container that is waterproof. An environmentally friendly choice instead of buying a plastic soap container. The shape is also beautiful, it can make the sink area more artistic.

There are many ways to use pottery as a home decoration. You can survey and hunt them at the nearest craftsman. All of you can support their work and hard work, especially during this difficult time. If there is sustenance, you can share it with others through shopping for local products.