21 DIY Valentine’s Day decorations that are anything but tacky #2

Use colored light bulbs

Swap out your normal bulbs for pink or red bulbs to set the mood for Valentine’s Day. It will match your theme without overwhelming your home with glitter, hearts and candy. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Personalize a Valentine’s Day pinata

This fun project can fall apart as soon as the kids start swinging, but until then, show this fun box of lip piƱatas for everyone to see.

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Change your art

Spread the love at your Valentine’s Day party with wall art that sends the right message. If you can do that with a neon pink sign, even better. Household appliances & Furniture

Experience a champagne tower

Set up a tower of pink champagne on a table at the entrance for guests to drink as they enter the door. Or maybe stay there and distribute them (or hire someone to do this) to avoid spills. Perabot Unik

Create an attractive centerpiece

For a moody Valentine’s Day centerpiece, incorporate rich purple flowers like snowflakes or orchids. Then sprinkle some black candles and opt for gold cutlery.

Show a heart made of roses

What’s better than a dozen roses? Twelve dozen heart-shaped roses, of course. Property News