The 2020 Christmas decorations at the Jakarta Cathedral Church combine local culture and Christian traditions

Aligning the 2020 Christmas theme (“And they named him Imanuel 1.23) with the concept of silence and simplicity against the backdrop of the Covid 19 pandemic that has swept the world, the Jakarta Cathedral Church, the Parish of Santa Maria Appointed to Heaven only focuses on arranging the main courtyard of the Cathedral Church complex and the front facade of the building. Cathedral Church. Perabot Rumah Tangga

“The decoration depicting the arrival of the Lord Jesus who is awaited in silence will give light and safety to His people in the world and will always be present with us in any situation,” said Susyana Swadie, PR of KAJ and the Jakarta Cathedral Church, Friday (25/12/2020) .

Susy said, the Christmas nativity scene in front of the Christ Raja Plaza is decorated with wooden statues of the Holy Family consisting of Saint Joseph, the Virgin Mary and the Baby Jesus in the triumphant modern Javanese traditional cradle depicting the birth of the Lord Jesus, accompanied by a wooden statue of Ondel-ondel from Betawi depicting the location of the Jakarta Cathedral and wooden statues dressed in traditional Papuan clothing as representatives of the people and various ethnic groups of the archipelago and pastoral of the Jakarta Archdiocese in Papua, the background for the Christmas theme and the greetings of Merry Christmas 2020 & New Year 2021 beside it is decorated with wastra Nusantara motifs.

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The 10 meter high Christmas tree decorated with the same archipelago wastra motifs and spotlights at night complements the decorations that symbolize the Christmas tradition wrapped in local culture, as the hope of life and light and a symbol of the harmony of the location’s culture with Christian traditions . Household appliances & Furniture

The tower lamp of the Fort of David’s Church Tower on the left is the symbol of Mary the protector of the powers of darkness. The Ivory Tower on the right is a symbol of Mary’s purity, highlighted by the nighttime playing of lights with the colors of Christmas and the colors of the Red and White flag, reinforcing the equality of church values with national values.

With limited opportunities for people to worship directly at the church, every Christmas mass service is broadcast with a live streaming system, and people who worship at home can still enjoy the beauty of this decoration in a special online visualization through the Jakarta Cathedral Parish social media. Perabot Unik

To avoid crowds, a “Virtual tour” of Christmas atmosphere in the Jakarta Cathedral Complex will be presented to congregants. The lighting of the Christmas tree, the front facade of the Cathedral building and the two towers is accompanied by Christmas carols arranged in traditional nuances.

“All of this reflects the touch of various archipelago cultures in this Christmas 2020 celebration, showing the diversity and cultural roots of the archipelago which always grows and coexists with Christian values ??and the traditions of the Catholic Church,” he concluded. Property News