Minimalist Bedroom Decoration, Not Just White

Welcoming the new year seems interesting if you make changes in the house to get a new, fresher atmosphere. For example, rearranging rooms with different nuances from before.

During a pandemic, of course, you spend more of your activities in the house, especially in the room. In order not to get bored easily and get good vibes, you can start changing the walls of the room. Not only dominated by white, you can experiment with various colors. Perabot Rumah Tangga

The following colors make your bedroom feel more comfortable and still aesthetic.

The Bedroom in a Calming Blue Color

Did you know that blue, especially light blue, is very good for maintaining health because it is considered to represent the soothing water element. For minimalist rooms, pastel blue is also highly recommended because it gives the impression of a more spacious room. Household appliances & Furniture

Bedroom with a Fresh Green Color

Not only is blue good for health, a bedroom that is dominated by green is also recommended! The green color gives a refreshing effect because it represents the elements of leaves and nature. With green color, the atmosphere becomes cooler and makes you feel more at home in the room.

Bedroom with Gray Color that Gives a Warm Impression

Apart from bright colors, you also need to try grays. This one color is so neutral that it blends easily with other colors. So you can more freely choose a variety of furniture to put in your room because it is still attractive and aesthetic, even the gray color also gives a warm and minimalist impression. Perabot Unik

Cream-colored bedroom for a wider impression

Cream color is the basic color on the walls of the room which also gives a comfortable impression. Besides that, beige is also a neutral color so you can combine it with various furniture, regardless of color.

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To make it more aesthetic, you can choose furniture in brown color or furniture with natural wood colors without any additional paint. Cream color is also very effective in giving the impression of a wider room so it is suitable for small rooms to make it look more spacious.

Pink Bedroom for Girly Impression

Every now and then you can also experiment with the bedroom by changing the color to be prettier. Pink is highly recommended for those of you who want a girly feel in your bedroom. You can choose softer pink or pastel colors and combine them with other neutral colors like white, gray or black. Property News