The more aesthetic, these are 5 home decorations that you can make yourself

With the increasing trend of residential redecorations, there are many kinds of home decor options that can be purchased at furniture stores and online.

Home decorations can be selected according to the architectural style and interior design of the home owner, and according to the tastes and preferences of the home owner. Even so, the large number of choices does not necessarily mean that the decorations available on the market can really suit your taste. Perabot Rumah Tangga

The solution is to make your own home decorations. With more free time due to the situation these days, do it yourself (DIY) accessories and decorative elements can be an option to fill your spare time productively.

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In addition to keeping yourself busy, the results of these handicrafts can be a home decoration that will make the atmosphere of the house more aesthetic and attractive to the eye. Check out his inspiration below about home decor from Dekoruma. Guaranteed to make the house even better!

1 Switch the Function of Glass Bottles and Jars

If there are many glass bottles and jars in the house that are unused, you can change them for various home decor purposes. For example, the jar can be a container for ornamental terrarium plants, filled with plants and then hung on the porch, or decorated to be a pencil holder, accessories container, or other small items at home. Household appliances & Furniture

A glass bottle or jar can also be used as a table lamp cover by attaching a bulb in it. There are many ways to turn glass jars and bottles into home decorations. For more inspiration, check out the internet.

2 Take advantage of the remaining building materials for decoration

After a home renovation, sometimes some building materials are left unused. Materials such as concrete blocks, wooden crates, ceramic slabs, or wall paint that are still remaining, can be used to make your own furniture or restore old furniture. Perabot Unik

For example, making a bedside table, coffee table, or cabinet using concrete blocks, stacking painted wooden crates into shelves, or making a small ceramic dining table.

3 Beautiful Strands of Macrame as Wall Decoration

This textile product is the result of a series of knots made of fibrous ropes tied with various types of knots to create a beautiful effect. Especially for those of you who like to be creative with ropes, knots, and handicrafts, macramé will be a decoration that is not only beautiful, but also personal.

Macrames are generally hung on the wall by placing them on a hook. Even so, macramé can also be used to make decorations such as coasters, placemat, pillowcases, and carpets.

4 Use Masking Tape to Decorate the Walls

Using masking tape to change the appearance of the walls of your house can be done in several ways. One of the easiest is to stick colored tape to form a motif or pattern as desired. How complex the pattern you want to make depends on the ability of the person working on it.

Or, the tape can be affixed to form a large size mosaic. Then, part of the area on the wall can be painted to give a more colorful and lively mosaic effect. Property News

5 Give a Touch of Color to the Dining Table with Tie Dye Napkins

Create napkins at home for an eye-catching look when inviting family or friends with the hit tie dye technique. The combination of white and other colors that are selected will attract attention and beautify your home dining table.

The method is relatively easy. Roll the white napkin into a spiral. Tie the napkin with cords on different sides to form several pieces. Spill the dye where you want it. Let stand for 6-8 hours and keep it away from sun exposure. After that, rinse with clean water and the napkin is ready to use for the banquet.

Apart from these five inspirations, there are many different tutorials for making decorations or even furniture for the home. When going to make, make sure to follow the steps for maximum results.