5 Ways to Make a Bathroom Without Windows Light

Comfort in the bathroom is a concern for some people. One aspect that supports comfort is the lighting element.

Lighting is often underestimated when decorating a bathroom. Even though with the right lighting the room looks more aesthetic.

If the bathroom in your home has no light, then use artificial lighting that results from lamps or other decorations. Perabot Rumah Tangga

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The following are things that must be considered as quoted by Handyman.

1 Glass
Using glass on a bathroom wall or door can supply natural light. However, the use of glass must maintain the privacy aspect while in the bathroom.

To overcome this, you can use frosted glass. If you are constrained by the price for providing frosted glass, you can use special window film or curtains to disguise the view from the outside. Household appliances & Furniture

2 Task lighting
Task lighting is needed for activities that need detail. For example, shaving or wearing make up. It is recommended that the task lighting is not higher than the head because it will cast a shadow. Perabot Unik

Place task lighting on both sides of the mirror. Try to keep the task lighting level at eye level so that the lighting is evenly distributed.

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3 Accent lighting
The use of accent lighting is also recommended to support the lighting in the bathroom. This lighting method is able to spread the light more evenly.

4 Pendant lamps
The main lighting should also be a concern. You can use a pendant lamp to get a more special bathroom atmosphere. Property News

5 Lamp size
The size of the lamp must be adjusted to the bathroom and the type of lighting used. For those who like fluorescent lamps, the size of the lighting used is 24-26 watts. For LEDs, the lamp size used is 20-25 watts.