Decoration Ideas for Putting Hanging Plants at Home

One way to place ornamental plants in a minimalist home is to hang them. If you don’t have too much room at home to place ornamental plants, that doesn’t mean you have to just put them outside.

There are ideas that can be tried to put plants indoors, namely by hanging. And even then, not only using a rope and put on the terrace, but can also be placed on the wall or in front of the window.

Here are some hanging plant decoration ideas that can be placed in the house. will provide decoration ideas for hanging plants.

1 Hanging on the wall If you have an empty wall at home, you can add decorative plants with tiny pots. You can stick some nails and place the pot in there. Choose hanging plants to give it a more aesthetic impression. As for the placement, it can be adjusted to the available area, it can be sideways or vertical. For watering, be sure to lower the plant from the wall first. This is done so as not to stain and damage the walls. Perabot Rumah Tangga

2 Putting plants on hangers Have an old clothes hanger? Reuse it for placing houseplants You can place dangling plants like betel ivory or lee kwan yew there. This method can be done for mothers who do not want to make holes in the walls of the house. Choose a standing coat hanger with wheels for easy removal.

3 Hang aquatic plants by bulb Don’t want land in the house but still want to have ornamental plants? So water plants are an option. Besides being placed on a table or shelf, this plant can also be hung. In order to give a unique impression, you can place it on a hanging bulb. Household appliances & Furniture

4 Hanging in front of the window Even some plants can be used as a substitute for curtains. Especially windows that do not need to be closed curtains such as those facing the back garden or near the kitchen. Just find a hanger to attach the hanging pot rope and the window looks fresher. For the tree, use the one already at home, just add the pot hanger and the window will make it more interesting.

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5 Hang it on the wire mesh If there is wire mesh in the house that is not being used, it can be used to place ornamental plants. Find a hook that you can hang the pot on and place it in the wire mesh. The position of the plants can be adjusted according to Mama’s wishes. Hanging plants on wire mesh is a clever trick. Because you don’t need a lot of equipment to make new decorations at home. In addition, it is much easier to put and take out the pots when you have to water the plants. Perabot Unik

6 Hanging with the kokedama concept If you want to hang without land, there is another way, namely by using the kokedama concept. This is a Japanese method which is basically earth made like a ball. The outside of the kokedama is a layer of mossy soil. You can create a soil that is not too dense so that the roots can still absorb water and air. Once it becomes like a ball, make a hole in the top center, to place the tree. After placing the plant in the soil and lining it with mossy soil, tie around the earthen ball with hemp rope until it looks solid and won’t fall off. Then hang it by hooking a balanced rope between the left and right sides. Property News