Create a comfortable room atmosphere with TikTok-style decorations!

The bedroom is one of the rooms that serves as a place to rest and spend time. It is not uncommon for the room to be most people’s favorite because it is private and personal. Therefore, a comfortable environment in the room is certainly something important. Perabot Rumah Tangga

To create a comfortable atmosphere in the room, you can try to decorate it. This can create a new and cooler atmosphere and you will not be bored.

When decorating a room, adjust the decor to your liking so that you feel happy and satisfied when you are in the room. A comfortable bedroom can also improve the quality of rest. If you’re confused about how to decorate a room, take a look at these TikTok-style room decorating tips!

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To make the room more comfortable, you can add a feather rug as a base on your bedroom floor. The existence of this feather rug makes the environment warmer and more welcoming. In addition, you can feel more comfortable doing activities on it due to its soft and fluffy texture. Choose simple pastel colors or match the walls of your room. For the size, you can adjust it according to the empty space in your room so that the position is correct. Household appliances & Furniture

Mandala Tapestry

The tapestry of the mandala is a fabric with a unique pattern, commonly called the mandala. This fabric is generally used as a room decoration that is attached to the wall to make the room look colorful and alive. Wearing this mandala tapestry is perfect for those who like vintage aesthetics due to its intricate yet cool motif.

Plain leaf or tartan motif

The choice of bedding colors and patterns can also affect the beauty of the room. If your room is full of many patterned decorations, it will be more suitable if you use plain or smooth sheets with soft colors. If your room looks more dynamic and minimalist, you can try using a sheet with a tartan motif. Perabot Unik

Tumblr Lights

Tumblr lamps are one of the easiest and most popular room decorations to find. Using a tumblr lamp as a room decoration will create a warmer and more intense atmosphere.

You can use this lamp while you sleep and it will improve the quality of your sleep because the light is poor and does not pierce your eyes. In addition, you can add multiple photos to these lights to beautify your room.


If you want your room to be more tidy and updated, try replacing your conventional wardrobe with a coat rack. These shelves can be found in many furniture stores. Although it may seem small, a shelf like this can accommodate various clothes and other items, such as accessories and shoes. In addition, the use of this shelf can minimize the use of space in your room. Property News

Shelf for hanging on the wall

Now, the use of tableware has started to shift to the wall shelves. Wall shelves are considered suitable for minimalist-sized rooms, so they don’t take up much space, but they can act as a place to place various items. This wall shelf can also be filled with various decorations to make the environment more aesthetic.