Celebrate children’s birthdays at home, these are easy tips to make your own decorations

To celebrate a child’s birthday, some parents are often willing to decorate their own home. You don’t need decoration services, you can do it yourself!

As long as you know the tricks to do in home decor, a child’s birthday celebration will still look cool from the results of your own hands. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Art designer Rika Rachmawati shares tips on decorating a house for a child’s birthday, the most important thing is to determine the theme of the party.

“The first time I try to find a decor, look for the theme first. For example, you want a hello kitty theme, maybe a boy with a superhero theme. From that you can determine the color for the decoration,” said Rika during a live broadcast on Instagram with Orami Parenting, Sunday (6/2/2021 ).

The theme will be color choices for decoration. Rika suggested that you should use a maximum of three colors. Because if too many colors are used, it has the potential to make the decoration too striking and distracting. Household appliances & Furniture

“Except because the theme is rainbow, it does use a lot of colors. But for a special theme there are only 3 colors. For me, because of the theme of kitten, kitten, I use pink, black, white. If you don’t want to use black, you can use a pink derivative. For example purple, “he said.

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He continued, the equipment that must be prepared is in the form of small and large paper solatip, scissors, hemp rope, transparent rope, balloons of letters and numbers, as well as tassel. After that, determine the corner of the house that will be used for the birthday celebration. Perabot Unik

According to Rika, you should choose a corner of the house with plain walls and white walls. The goal is to make it easier to decorate and can match any specified color.

“If the color of the walls of the house is not white, you can use a white cloth. Because it is plain white to make the decor more visible, try to have a white color field,” he said.

After all these things are prepared, the decoration can be started according to taste. Tips from Rika, before starting to stick various accessories on the wall, first attach the solatip paper. Property News

“Use solatip paper for the base so it doesn’t damage the wall paint,” he said