5 Chinese New Year decorations for bringing good luck in 2021

The Chinese New Year or Chinese New Year celebration is coming soon. This moment is certainly incomplete if the house is not decorated with various red ornaments or knick-knacks as a characteristic of the Chinese New Year.

Even though the tradition of visiting relatives’ homes this year cannot be done considering the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic, it does not mean that Chinese New Year decorations should be abandoned. This decoration can actually make the atmosphere of the Chinese New Year celebration in your home even more festive and memorable. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Not just any decoration, each of these Chinese New Year decorations has the best meaning and wishes for the whole year. In fact, it is believed to be able to bring good luck to its residents, you know.

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For example, red lanterns, lanterns that usually decorate streets, office buildings, and malls, are believed to be a symbol of rejecting reinforcements or driving away bad luck for residents of the house. In addition to lanterns, there are still other typical Chinese decorations to enliven the Chinese atmosphere in your home.

Quoted from China Highlights, here are 5 Chinese New Year decorations that bring good luck in 2021:

1 Banish bad luck with red lanterns

In general, red lanterns are often used in important festivals such as spring festivals, lantern festivals, and autumn festivals. But over time, lanterns are also used to welcome the Chinese New Year. Household appliances & Furniture

Red lanterns are not only a decorative element, but also a symbol of toalk reinforcements. Based on Chinese belief, installing these lanterns in front of the house can ward off bad luck from outside the home. Because of that, many people put red lanterns in front of the door to prevent bad luck. Perabot Unik

2 Couplets on the door for good wishes in the coming year

In addition to displaying lanterns, you cannot miss attaching couplets to the door of the house. Usually this couplet is installed on the right and left side of the house door.

This decoration consists of mandarin calligraphy written on red paper. The writing generally contains the meaning of saying happy new year or contains the best wishes for the coming year. Interestingly, installing couplets on the door is also believed to be able to bring good luck to the whole house, you know. Property News

3 Paper carving ornaments for good luck and happiness

Chinese New Year decorations from paper carvings also decorate the surface of the walls or window glass of the house. In fact, sticking to paper carvings is said to invite luck and happiness for the residents of the house.

This paper carving has detailed symbols with different meanings. For example, the peach symbolizes longevity, the pine tree means youth, to the plum tree which signifies good luck.

4 Kumquat tree for wealth and good luck wishes

It is undeniable that oranges are often found during Chinese New Year celebrations. Unlike oranges in general, Chinese New Year oranges usually use a type of kumquat that is smaller than usual.

Apart from being consumed, making the kumquat tree an element of decoration is also the best choice. The reason is, this one tree symbolizes the desire for wealth and luck. It is believed that displaying kumquat trees at home is always blessed with abundant sustenance.

5 “Fu” inverted, bringing good luck throughout the year

Paper displays with Chinese characters that read fú are often complementary to Chinese New Year decorations. Usually, this one display is hung at the door of the house.

In Mandarin, fú itself means prosperity. Meanwhile, if the position of the letter is reversed it will have a different meaning. Namely, it implies abundant prosperity for anyone who passes through the door of the house.

In addition, the red color used in these displays also has a good meaning. The red color is expected to provide positive energy throughout the year.