Home Decoration Made From Wood to Add a Rustic Impression

The use of wood for interior and exterior accents is increasingly popular in the world. Apart from having a unique side, the design also has other advantages. Call it the ability of wood to absorb heat. Wood is much better than other materials. In addition, items made of wood are also easy to combine with any interior. Various building styles still match the wooden interior. Interested in having wooden decorations as well for your home? Here are some examples of ideas for using wood for home decoration, especially wall decorations that have a rustic impression. Perabot Rumah Tangga

1 Wall art made of wood

Pasting works of art on the wall doesn’t always have to be a painting. Those made of wood which are arranged and form a certain motif or pattern can also be counted as a work of art. This decoration can be made yourself using glue and used wood that is no longer usable. The good news is that this simple but rustic decoration fits perfectly with various room concepts. Don’t be afraid that this decoration will look strange and don’t connect with the concept of the room.

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2 Boards for writing favorite quotes

Seeing beautiful quotes that are made printed on paper and then displayed in a frame is probably already common. To make the room different and more unique, use wood instead of paper. Write your favorite quote on wood, then give it a color or decoration to make it more interesting. After that, you can hang it on the wall. Household appliances & Furniture

3 Wood carving

For those who like decoration in a more classic and luxurious style, try displaying wood carvings. There are many craftsmen who can produce beautiful carvings for wall decoration. Even though the price might be a little bit expensive, this decoration will not disappoint. Her beauty will make a room feel even more special.

4 Sculpture attached to the wall

Apart from carvings, there are still other art choices that are also suitable for decoration with a rustic impression. The decoration in question is a statue made with a special design to be affixed to the wall. However, this decoration is not very flexible with various types of rooms. Wooden statues will look more attractive when hung in work spaces and rooms that have a formal impression. Perabot Unik

5 Wooden wall art mosaic

Want a more off-the-wall decoration that is far from monotonous? Wall art mosaic is the best solution. This wall decoration has the impression of being dynamic, colorful, simple, but still elegant and classy. You can choose a color that is bright enough but not too flashy. The presence of this decoration can create a warmer and more comfortable atmosphere in the room.

6 Pieces of wood for wall decoration

There are already several cafes and houses that apply decorations made of intact trees and cut to a certain thickness without changing the shape of this irregular circle. After that, the pieces are arranged and pasted on the wall as a unique and rustic accent for a room. This decoration will be very fitting if applied to a large room with a large enough empty wall. These pasted pieces can be colored first or you can also give a picture or painting to make it more beautiful. Property News

Wall decorations made of wood are not only used for traditional and ancient houses. Modern homes with a minimalist concept can still use them. In fact, for meeting rooms and work spaces, wood decorations will give a formal and luxurious impression. So, don’t hesitate to choose wooden decorations for wall decorations.