Take a peek at vintage coffee shops with recycled decorations

The emergence of coffee shops challenged owners to be more creative. One of them is presented by Retrorika Coffee Bar & Resto located in Bumiaji Village, Malang City. Instead of using brand-new items, this coffee shop uses recycled materials to decorate every corner. Perabot Rumah Tangga

The front appearance of this cafe already looks vintage through the appearance of the worn doors and windows that are arranged in such a way. Even so, his presence is a special attraction. The cafe, which was opened in December 2018, has also modified used goods to become a variety of new furniture, such as tables, chairs and lamps.

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“Actually, we do not intend to carry the vintage concept. We are more into reuse and recycle. However, because the items here are old or old, they look vintage,” said Swiss Winnasis, owner of Cafe Retrorika, to Liputan6.com, Thursday , February 18, 2021. Household appliances & Furniture

His background in the field of conservation and nature preservation encourages him to be very sensitive to environmental issues. When he decided to switch professions, he saw a potential green house in a house being transformed into an environmentally friendly coffee shop. He makes use of used items at home that are no longer used to fill his cafe.

“As time goes by, these items are getting more and more, because in other cases I like hunting, that’s why this retro cafe has become,” said Swiss.

In order not to look like a warehouse, he displayed several cactus and succulent plants in the cafe. The plants were hung and placed next to other antiques, such as radios, used motorcycle plates, old telephones, typewriters, and used metal wheels. Perabot Unik

Of course, this coffee shop not only provides an interesting atmosphere. Various types of food and drinks are available, from coffee, fried chicken, Javanese fried rice, Javanese fried noodles, and snacks, fruit juices, and others. The menu prices offered are affordable, ranging from IDR 8 thousand to IDR 31 thousand only.

Without Disposable Packaging

The concept of being environmentally friendly does not only come from recycling unused goods. Retrorika Coffee does not provide tissue, plastic straws, and styrofoam to wrap food that visitors will take home.

“The substitutes we use are rags that can be washed and reused, stainless straws, bamboo baskets to wrap food, sugar cane fiber cups, and paper wrappers for snacks,” explained Swiss. Property News

In fact, visitors who want to bring home the drinks ordered have to pay an additional fee of IDR 10,000 to buy a glass bottle as a place for drinks. However, the food waste from the cafe that is provided will be reprocessed into compost, which is still dumped directly into the TPA. He reasoned that this happened because the garbage collection site was in trouble, for the time being the food scraps were disposed of in the TPA.

Given that it operates in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Switzerland claims that its place has implemented health protocols, which requires guests and employees to wash their hands before entering and wear masks. Even so, he did not limit the number of visitors, but only tried to adjust the distance between customers’ tables.

He also admitted that his coffee shop was not CHSE certified as a guarantee that the restaurant had strictly implemented the CHSE protocol. He also never applied for the CHSE certification.