Comfortable and Leak-Proof Home Decoration During Rainy Season

Extreme weather with very heavy rainfall needs to be addressed by homeowners. The main problem that often arises is house leakage.

Leaks that occur at home usually come from walls, roofs, and not. Therefore, a leak-proof layer that is waterproof, elastic, adherent strong, weather resistant, easy to apply and safe is needed. Perabot Rumah Tangga

The following are facts about comfortable and leak-proof home decorations during the rainy season summarized by Okezone, Monday (1/3/2021):

1 Overcome Leaks Use Waterproofing Techniques

One of the techniques for overcoming leakage is by using waterproofing techniques. Waterproofing is a waterproof protective material that functions to prevent water from seeping in, for example on outer walls and roofs. Household appliances & Furniture

However, on the other hand, waterproofing can be used to prevent water from seeping out, for example a fish pond, bathroom, or bathtub.

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2 Home Decoration Suitable For Winter

There are four home decorations perfect for winter, according to Target Home Style Expert and Jungalow Founder, Blakeney.

“I hope to see the use of lots of natural materials such as wood, cotton, and hemp in winter,” said Blakeney. Perabot Unik

3 Add a Thick Knit Blanket

In addition, use thick knit blankets and textile linings that will add warmth and comfort to your home in winter.

“Scent can really affect the feeling you feel when you enter a house or room,” explains Blakeney.

After going through a turbulent year, He suggests choosing a scent that supports the health of our bodies, and soothes our feelings.

4 Add a Warm Color

This winter, warm, earthy colors like clay and navy blue are in trend.

Add these colors with little touches like pillows, blankets, or pots for houseplants. Because it will give a warm and comfortable impression to the room. Property News