Living Room Decor Mistakes to Avoid

The living room is an important part of a house. Because, this room is a meeting place for family or relatives. Therefore, many people design and decorate the family room as comfortable as possible. Perabot Rumah Tangga

However, in fact there are still many things that are not quite right in designing and decorating the living room. Some of these common mistakes are often made by designers.

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Reporting from House Beautiful, Wednesday (3/3/2021), the following interior designers reveal some mistakes that are often made in decorating the living room.

1 Place the sofa against the wall

Interior designer Sarah Vaile from Sarah Whit Interior Design said the placement of the sofa against the wall is a mistake. Although this may be necessary for small spaces, it is better to clear the space between the sofa and the wall. This is to make the room appear larger. Household appliances & Furniture

2 Hang the image or photo at the wrong height

Displaying pictures or photos on the wall will indeed give you aesthetics. However, if it is placed at the wrong height it is not exactly right. Then how high should the photo be hung or displayed on the wall? Designer Vern Yip says the right height is 60 inches from the floor to the center of the image.

3 Does not have a sufficient light source

Lighting is an important thing that must be considered properly. But a common mistake that is often made is not providing enough light sources. Have a variety of light sources, including recessed ones, chandeliers, and more. Perabot Unik

4 Do not have enough seats for guests

As a space to gather, the living room should have enough chairs. CeCe Designer Barfield Thompson of CeCe Barfield Inc. said, it’s important to make sure seating facilitates conversation.

5 Underestimating the strength of the pillow

In this case, Vaile Designers said the more pillows in the living room, the better. With so many pillow choices on the market, it is a great opportunity to express your design style.

  1. Do not have curtains that touch the floor

This may seem like a small detail, but quite important. If the curtains are not installed at the right height, it can make the room feel smaller than it really is. Then choose a curtain size that can touch the floor. Property News

7 Just think about symmetrical

Some people may think that something symmetrical will beautify a room. However, there is nothing wrong with being creative by thinking about shapes that are not symmetrical. As designer Kate Coughli says, adding some asymmetrical elements can give the living room its own uniqueness.

8 Replacing all furniture at once

Refreshing a living room doesn’t mean having to buy all the new furniture at once. Instead, add or replace furniture gradually. Designer Jeffrey Bilhuber suggests buying one good piece of furniture each year, and letting it change gradually.