Tips for decorating a front porch with beautiful plants

The front porch is part of the front of the house. A beautiful terrace will give a good perception to a house. Moreover, in Indonesia the front porch is often used as a reception room to a family lounge. That is, the comfort of the terrace is required through proper arrangement and decoration.

The usual decorations found on the terrace of the house are plants. Putting plants on the porch is a smart idea to provide a beautiful transition between the house and the yard. However, there are times when we encounter terraces that are not in harmony between the plants and the physical terrace itself. So that this does not happen on your porch, here are some tips for decorating your front porch with beautiful plants. Perabot Rumah Tangga

1 Using Decorative Pots

Decorating the terrace with plants means that you will make use of the pot. This means that the pot should be able to support the appearance of the plant itself. Therefore, the use of decorative pots is the right choice. Household appliances & Furniture

However, it is also necessary to pay attention to the suitability of the pot with the plant’s character. These two elements must support and complement each other. That is, if you choose a plant with a dominant character such as a dense flower, choose a pot that is simpler or tends to be plain. This is done so that the beauty of the flowers on the plants is not distracted by the pots used. Perabot Unik

2 Balanced Layout

The existence of front porch plants is not the same as the existence of plants in the garden. That is, ornamental plants on the terrace are generally complementary elements, not the main element. As a complementary element, the placement of plants must be balanced with other elements. As in the example image above, the plant looks to decorate the terrace between the table and chairs. The layout of the plants is also not exaggerated so that it is pleasing to the eye. Property News

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3 Adjustment of Plant Dimensions

Let’s take a look at the photo of Miveworks’ terrace design above. It is clear that the character you want to display in this house is tall or vertical. This is reflected in the dimensions of windows, doors, and wall displays in the house. It turns out that the tall character that you want to perceive is also supported by plants and a choice of pots on the terrace. The choice of tall pots with long-leaf plants makes the terrace look harmonious with the character of the house.

4 Utilizing the Wall

Does your front porch feel too cramped for placing a few potted plants? If so, why not take advantage of the terrace wall? Yes, you can attach a hanging shelf to the patio wall to place a few potted plants. The types of plants are also more diverse because you can put dangling plants to give a curtain effect. Interestingly, the shelf can be created to place furniture or other decorative elements as a companion to plants.

5 Hanging Garden Creations

In addition to using the wall, those of you who want to present more plants on the front porch of the house can apply a hanging garden. Hanging garden is a term for arranging a garden using hanging pots. On the terrace of the house, you can hang the pot on the outer side of the ceiling to provide a barrier effect. The choice of plants can also be various, including types of leafy plants.

6 Pay Attention to Color and Contrast

In a design, color and contrast compatibility are important things that must be considered. Likewise, when you want to decorate the front porch of the house, you have to consider the choice of the color of the plant leaves or flowers to match the color of the terrace. Also keep in mind that the green color of the leaves is not always the same, so when you use several types of plants you must pay attention to the alignment of the color gradations of the plant leaves.

Even though it looks trivial, but decorating the front porch of the house must be considered carefully. Take advantage of the tips above for your inspiration when creating a beautiful and attractive front porch.