Looks Beautiful and Aesthetic, Here’s Fanny Fabriana’s Home Decoration

In the midst of a hiatus from the entertainment world in the country, now Fanny Fabriana looks more focused on being a wife and mother for her two children after marrying Zacky Badruddin in July 2011 ago.

Being the wife of a businessman, the artist, who started her career in the soap opera Preman Kampus, decided to change her appearance by wearing a hijab. Fanny’s uploads on his personal social media are identical to his daily activities at his house.

From there, many netizens, especially young mothers, were fascinated by how beautiful Fanny’s place was and her family, which has two floors. It looks modern but cool, here is a portrait of Fanny Fabriana’s house.

1 Residential Front or Terrace

Just looking from the terrace, the beautiful atmosphere with the many ornamental plants looks soothing. You can see that the areca palm is placed in a brown pot. The plant is so integrated with the white walls and wooden doors. Perabot Rumah Tangga

2 Inside the House

Also on the inside of the house, a number of ornamental plants make the house feel beautiful and cool. Fanny keeps her ornamental plants like cypress winds and careus tetragonus by her white sofa.

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Not only near the sofa, this 36-year-old artist is also very good at arranging the room so that it looks modern and beautiful. He put the Sansevieria plant or the tongue-in-law in the corners of the room.

3 Dining Table Area

If you look at the dining room area, starting from the stairs to the second floor, near the glass windows to the corners of the stairs, there are lots of ornamental plants. Not to forget, on the dining table there are also white flowers in a beautiful vase. Household appliances & Furniture

4 Workbench or Laptop Place

In one area that is often used to open laptops, Fanny also places lots of ornamental plants. Ranging from types of cacti to ornamental plants that are currently being hit, such as monstera and other plant species from the aracea family. Perabot Unik

5 Side Pages with Walls Covered with Plants

Towards the side yard, the view of ornamental plants looks beautiful and more beautiful. Especially the vines on the walls. There are also various types of ornamental plants placed in beautiful pots.

This place is usually used by Fanny to relax with family such as enjoying a barbeque party or just getting an instagramable and beautiful portrait with various greenery.

6 Mirrors in the Corner of the Room

Not only filled with plants that make the house look cool, Fanny also added glass in several corners of the room. No wonder Fanny’s residence looks even wider and more aesthetic. Property News

7 Floor Up For Exercising

Towards the top floor, Fanny uses the room to exercise. The brick walls and wooden floors add a warm and beautiful feel.