The Magnificent Decoration of Siraman Aurel Hermansyah, with the Concept of Modern Javanese

After making an application with Atta Halilintar on Saturday (13/3/2021), Aurel held a siraman procession on Friday (19/2/2021) in the evening with Javanese customs. Attended by family and close relatives, the event took place solemnly and emotionally.

Come on, take a look at the inspiration for Aurel Hermansyah’s traditional Javanese splash decoration, which carries the concept of a mix of Javanese and modern. Perabot Rumah Tangga

1 The Aurel shower procession takes place at the Hotel InterContinental Pondok Indah, the same as the application location

2 The shower took place at the outdoor venue, utilizing a glass-roofed gazebo

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3 The concept of the venue itself is modern industrial, but looks neat combined with traditional touches in the decorations

4 The decor seems to carry the concept of a blend of modern themes with a traditional touch Household appliances & Furniture

5 There is a brown gebyok in the middle of a backdrop composed of leaves. Flanked by duastanding flowers with a bronze vase

6 If the application procession is dominated by purple, which is Aurel’s favorite, the siraman event carries a pastel style Perabot Unik

7 Aisle to the shower venue decorated with floor tiles and a series of baby’s breath and limonium. While unique guest chairs made of acrylic

8 Traditional Javanese siraman trinkets, from trays to dippers, all of which are gold-patterned and decorated with ethnic motifs.

9 Casablanca calla lilies and lilies on backdrop specially commissioned by Ashanty and Aurel, symbolize loyalty and happiness

Here are nine inspirational decorations with a combination of Javanese and modern concepts at the Aurel Hermansyah show. It can be a reference for those of you who want to hold a traditional Javanese wedding procession, the modern decorations turn out to be neatly combined with a traditional touch. Property News