Want to make the dining room look more modern? Follow the Decorations Below

Apart from the living room, the dining room has an important role as one of the most central places in your home.

Not only serves to put food, the dining room is also a link for you and your family when talking and enjoying snacks.

To make the moment in the dining room more meaningful, some people want the place to be decorated in such a way.

So, it will look attractive and have a new feel that is fresher and more modern. Perabot Rumah Tangga

Launching Good Housekeeping, here are dining room design ideas that can be used as a reference in your home to make it look modern. Household appliances & Furniture

1 Install the wallpaper

Installing wallpaper is the easiest way to get the impression that the dining room looks modern.

You can choose a wallpaper with a floral pattern to create the perfect base.

2 Neutral colors on the floor

A compact color palette will help your floor decor look clean and smooth.

According to Interior Designer Amber Lewis, neutral colors like gray and stone accents can be an option.

“This color will certainly make the dining room much more beautiful,” said Amber. Perabot Unik

3 White walls

If you are not interested in using wallpaper, white walls can be an option for you to apply in the dining room.

This classic-looking color will always look elegant and suitable to be applied with anything.

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“White looks bright and clean, and also serves as a blank canvas for the entire decor,” Lewis said.

Basically, white walls can reflect natural light which can make the dining room feel wider.

4 Touch chairs are brightly colored

Let your chairs set the scene to create a set in unexpected colors, like bright yellows or pinks that captivate guests.

This color is an alternative to fill the void in your white wall decor. Property News

5 Round table pattern

A room full of squares can make the space feel cramped.

To make the dining room feel more spacious and comfortable, you can use a round dining table pattern.

Another use of this pattern is that it is easy to move even in a narrow dining room.